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jayde0602 said: Hey can I get a ship I'm 5'1 shy when you meet me but I'm crazy when I'm used to you I love food and Disney movies also I'm a tomboy but with sass Also I love playing video games. And watching sports. My name is Jayden Jayde,Jay,Jay Jay for short


Anonymous said: What would you have to do to become a co-owner?

If there’s more than one person I’ll pick them both. I have no limit on how many can become co-owners.

And for your answer:

Write a short imagine (to see if you are suitable for writing preferences and imagines)
-if you can’t write then that’s okay

Be able to make gifs

Or if you know how to do other stuff just tell me

But basically just be Able to do things like write / make gifs/ ect.

You DONT have to be able to do all of these

looking for co-owners

*walks in and sees no posters* you finally got over that stupid boyband obsession


*opens closet door* holy fuc-

I want to do a giveaway

Tears of sadness, ran down her fragile little face. The angelic face that should be smiling, not crying. I held her close, her body shaking underneath me from sobbing so much.

"Please tell me what’s wrong," I whispered in her ear.

 ”I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough for anyone,” she said in between sobs. Those words made me want to cry along with her, but I stayed strong. For her.

"Why are you saying this? What happened today [y/n]?"

"I hate everyone, I hate everyone from our school."  Bullies. The bullies that used to be her friends. I knew it had to be that. I held her tighter and she continued to cry.

"Why do they do this to me? Why are they so mean to me? What did I do to them? I was nothing but nice to them, I was the friend they needed," she kept sobbing.

She lost all her friends in the 10th grade, everyone but me. She kept crying, her body kept shaking. I held her closer to me, kissing her forehead.

"You still have me," I whispered.

jayde0602 said: Can I have a ship I'm 5'1 shy when u first meet me but I'm crazy when I get used to u LOVE food and LOVE Disney movies and I'm a tomboy with a sassy side p.s. LOVE UR BLOG

aww thank you! I ship you with louis

Anonymous said: sadly I'm not from the UK, do you know where else I could fin the video?????/

No sorry :( maybe on YouTube?

Anonymous said: what are the bottom clips from?

a BBC radio 1’s video but you cant watch it unless you live in the UK