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*walks in and sees no posters* you finally got over that stupid boyband obsession


*opens closet door* holy fuc-

I want to do a giveaway

Tears of sadness, ran down her fragile little face. The angelic face that should be smiling, not crying. I held her close, her body shaking underneath me from sobbing so much.

"Please tell me what’s wrong," I whispered in her ear.

 ”I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough for anyone,” she said in between sobs. Those words made me want to cry along with her, but I stayed strong. For her.

"Why are you saying this? What happened today [y/n]?"

"I hate everyone, I hate everyone from our school."  Bullies. The bullies that used to be her friends. I knew it had to be that. I held her tighter and she continued to cry.

"Why do they do this to me? Why are they so mean to me? What did I do to them? I was nothing but nice to them, I was the friend they needed," she kept sobbing.

She lost all her friends in the 10th grade, everyone but me. She kept crying, her body kept shaking. I held her closer to me, kissing her forehead.

"You still have me," I whispered.

jayde0602 said: Can I have a ship I'm 5'1 shy when u first meet me but I'm crazy when I get used to u LOVE food and LOVE Disney movies and I'm a tomboy with a sassy side p.s. LOVE UR BLOG

aww thank you! I ship you with louis


this makes me really happy :)

I seriously didn’t expect this to get over 300 notes

Anonymous said: sadly I'm not from the UK, do you know where else I could fin the video?????/

No sorry :( maybe on YouTube?

Anonymous said: what are the bottom clips from?

a BBC radio 1’s video but you cant watch it unless you live in the UK

Anonymous said: what video is that from of harry? the one where he's walking into the car, saying "ew.. you better be glad youre cute"

from that one ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

but you can’t watch it unless you live in the UK

the gifs aren’t mine but the edit is

Being harry’s girlfriend